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Images and Signals Research Team

Images and Signals Research Team, represents a scientific subject matter that deals with the description and classification (recognition) of people by their voice signals, and iris texture and its representations. This science works based on a previously established set of all possible objects (patterns) to be recognized. The margin of pattern recognition applications is very wide, but the most important are related to the vision and hearing by a machine, similar to humans. In the wide conception promoted by the International Association of Pattern Recognition it integrates conceptions coming from statistics, machine learning, and artificial intelligence, together with digital signal and image processing and understanding among others computational techniques.

The interests of the Image and Signal Processing Team cover from the theoretical and practical aspects of the process of biometric speaker recognition from telephone, microphone and voice_Ip signals to theoretical and practical aspects of the process of biometric recognition by iris from video and images. The team is focusing to development of new and improvement of the existing paradigms, for the application of these two biometric modalities to the different problems arising in all spheres of our society:

  • Biometrics.
  • Signal processing
  • Image, video  and texture analysis


Head of Images and Signals Research Team:

PhD. Eduardo Garea Llano


Pattern Recognition Department
Data Mining Department
Biometric Department