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Dayana Ribas (dribas)

Contact Info

Dayana Ribas (dribas)


Research Topics of Interest

Speech processing

Speaker Recognition

Noise compensation for speech signals

Speech quality measures






Advanced Technologies Application Center (CENATAV)

Academic Background

2016: Ph.D in Digital Signal Processing: “Robust Speaker Recognition in Noisy Environments”, Polytechnical Institute “José Antonio Echeverría” (CUJAE), Havana, Cuba.

2013: Junior Researcher.

2013: M.Sc. in Signals and Systems, Santa Clara, Cuba.

2008: B.Sc. Telecommunication Engineer, Polytechnical Institute “José Antonio Echeverría” (CUJAE), Havana, Cuba, GOLDEN TITLE AWARD.



Academic Experience


2016-2017: Collaboration with Prof. John Hansen from UT Dallas, USA, in the topic of Realism in Robust Speech Processing.

2014-2017: Collaboration with Dr. Emmanuel Vincent from INRIA, France, in the topic of Robust Speech Processing.

2011-2013: PhD internships with Technologies Communications Group of Zaragoza University, Spain, Supervised by Prof. Eduardo Lleida.


Editor of Speech Communication Special Issue: “Realism in Robust Speech and Language Processing”, 2017.

Chairman of Special Session “Realism in robust speech processing” and “Speech Coding and Audio Processing for Noise Reduction”, Interspeech, San Francisco, USA, 2016.

Project: “Robust speaker recognition in noisy environments”, Image and Signals Department, CENATAV, Cuba, 2014-2016.

RTTH Summer School, Vigo, Spain, 1-5 July 2013.

Project: “Remote monitoring system by voice”, Pattern Recognition Department, CENATAV, Cuba, 2009-2013.

Project: “System tools for speech processing”, Image and Signals Department, CENATAV, Cuba, 2011-2012.


Honors and Awards


Best Student Award, 2008

Best Student Paper Award: Red Temática de Tecnologías del Habla, ISCA-SIG-IL, 2010



Dayana Ribas, Emmanuel Vincent, José R. Calvo: "A study of speech distortion in real scenarios for speech processing applications" Spoken Language Technologies (SLT), IEEE, 2016.

Dayana Ribas, Emmanuel Vincent, José R. Calvo: “Uncertainty propagation for noise robust speaker recognition: the case of NIST-SRE” INTERSPEECH, Dresden, Germany 2015.

Dayana Ribas, Emmanuel Vincent, José R. Calvo: “Full multicondition training for robust i-vector based speaker recognition” INTERSPEECH, Dresden, Germany 2015.

Dayana Ribas, Serguey Crespo, José R. Calvo: “Single channel speech enhancement based on zero phase transformation in reverberated environment”, REVERB Challenge, 2014, Florence, Italy, 2014.

Dayana Ribas, Eduardo Lleida José R. Calvo: “Zero Phase Speech Representation for Robust Formant Tracking”, EUSIPCO, Lisbon, Portugal, 2014.

Claudia Bello, Dayana Ribas, José R. Calvo, Carlos Ferrer: “From speech quality measures to speaker recognition performance”, Iberoamerican Congress in Pattern Recognition (CIARP), 2014.

David Martínez, Dayana Ribas, Eduardo Lleida, Alfonso Ortega, Antonio Miguel: “Suprasegmental Information Modelling for Autism Disorder Spectrum and Specific Language Impairment Classification”, INTERSPEECH, Lyon, France 2013.

Dayana Ribas, José R. Calvo: “Feature Classification Criterion for Missing Features Mask Estimation in Robust Speaker Recognition”, Springer Journal SIVP: Journal of Signal, Image and Video Processing, 2012.

Dayana Ribas, José R. Calvo: “New missing featuresMask Estimation Method for Speaker Recognition in Noisy Environment”, Revista de Ingeniería Electónica, Automática y Computación (RIELAC), 2012.

Dayana Ribas, José E. García, Antonio Miguel, Eduardo Lleida, Alfonso Ortega, José R. Calvo: “Evaluation of a New Beam-Search Formant Tracking Algorithm in Noisy Environments”, Springer Journal CCIS: Advances in Speech and Language Technologies for Iberian Languages, 2012.

Dayana Ribas, Jesús Villalba, José R. Calvo, Eduardo Lleida: “Missing Feature Techniques Combination for Speaker Recognition in Noisy Environment”, FALA 2010. (BEST STUDENT PAPER AWARD)

Dayana Ribas, José R. Calvo: “Speaker Verification with Shifted Delta Cepstral Features, Its Pseudo-Prosodic Behavior”. I Iberian SL Tech, 2009.

José R. Calvo, Dayana Ribas, Rafael Fernández, Gabriel Hernández: “Evaluation of Linear Relation between Shifted Delta Cepstral Features and Prosodic Features in Speaker Verification”, Iberoamerican Congress in Pattern Recognition (CIARP), 2008.








Pattern Recognition Department
Data Mining Department
Biometric Department